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Oconomowoc Lawn Care & Snowplow Service


Honest, dependable, and friendly service is exactly what you’re going to receive when you choose Ryan’s Lawn Service. We service residential and commercial businesses in the Oconomowoc area with grass cutting and snowplowing services.


The great aspect about working with a local, small business is the attentive and personable service from start to finish. We promise to always be there on time and make certain that your lawn is well taken care of.


Lawn Services—Grass Cutting in Oconomowoc

At Ryan’s Lawn Service, our licensed and insured professionals are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy all summer long. Our specialty is grass mowing and trimming—ensuring that your backyard is ready for its weekend festivities.


We will schedule you in to secure your weekly or biweekly lawn care service. Should it happen to rain on your scheduled day, we will reschedule you that same week. Your lawn will never be overgrown when you’re working with Ryan’s Lawn Service.


Winter Services—Snowplowing in Oconomowoc

You can rely on Ryan’s Lawn Service all winter long by signing on for our Winter Maintenance Agreement. Each maintenance agreement is customized to your specific needs. We will provide you with driveway snowplowing and de-icing services by request.


You will receive VIP service—even during the worst snowstorms, we will work around the clock to guarantee your driveway is clear. Never worry about shoveling in the cold again by choosing Ryan’s Lawn Service.

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